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RDT&C prides itself on getting to know the client. We will NOT use boiler plate wording or strategies to help you get the desired results you are looking for. We will get to know you as a client and your community or target audience before moving forward.

We are a "common sense" firm that looks for the least complicated path of resistance while getting the job done. Too many consultants will "over word" or "overthink" a problem and do the same with a 300-page report. Not us--we know people want short and to the point. You don't pay us by the word (or fancy business terms). 

We stick by our product, proudly delivering the results next to you, not from behind or several states away. We also won't charge you an arm and a leg either--we get that most of our clients are on a strict/tight budget. We can work within any budget (yes, you have to have some kind of budget) to help you. 

What consulting do we do? You name it! We focus on emergency services, but can also work with any business. From leadership and organizational changes to fire station placement and staffing. We specialize in PR and promoting bonds and levies. We can also help out with fire station design and project consulting. 

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