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Red Devil Training can provide your department with very cost-effective training. We don't charge by the student. So the overall cost of the training per student is usually a lot lower than sending a student to a "fire school."  

Your department can be a host department for a class/seminar and charge outsiders to attend. Contact Red Devil Training for more details.

Red Devil Training believes in the phenomenon of what we call "Organizational Implosion." This self-destructive, crippling organizational behavior is the simple practice of not looking outside at what the rest of the world is doing in your field. The longer this practice continues the more cut-off the organization becomes from the rest of their field.  

In the fire service, this relates to a "we'll do it our way" mentality. Basically, the less information that is brought in from the outside world, the more isolated a fire department becomes from the rest of the fire service. Finally, the organization collapses due to insufficient information being shared from the outside. "Collapse" can directly translate into an injury or death in the fire service. 

Red Devil Training breaks that "Organizational Implosion" of training and pours on the knowledge-at a speed that everyone in the department can be comfortable with. Red Devil Training can't and won't replace your training division, but we can supplement and complement it. 

Mike Bucy
Founder and Principal

Are you looking for a versatile yet knowledgeable and interactive speaker for your individual department, training academy, seminar or conference? Do you need someone that can hit on today's fire service topics without being stuck to PowerPoint slides? Then let Red Devil Training introduce Fire Chief Mike Bucy. Chief Bucy firmly believes that firefighters need to be taught how to think, not what to think.

Chief Bucy has presented numerous topics throughout most of his 65 combined years of emergency service, including IAFC's Fire-Rescue International, the former Station Style Conference, F.I.E.R.O. Station Design, Indiana Emergency Response Conference and many local, regional and state trainings across the country. Chief Bucy has been in a Chief Officer position for over twelve years of his 31+ year career.
Chief Bucy has also written numerous fire service articles and his departments have all been "ahead of national trends" and innovative approaches to emergency service delivery.

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