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Elections can be a tough sale in today's hyper-political climate. Most people and agencies are not as "in tune" as they need to be. Elections can be brutal PR nightmares. RDT&C can help you focus on what needs to be done to get elected or to get your bond or levy passed. 

If you are seeking office, you need RDT&C to help you prepare for the wild world of campaigns. We will not be your campaign manager, but will help you set your goals and your pathway to success. We will walk you through any PR landmines that may surface.

Our specialty is in the passing of bonds and levies. We have a great track record embedded in transparency. It can take up to two years to prepare your "district" for a levy or bond vote--are you ready?

Even if that levy or bond vote is beyond the two-year mark, you still really need us! We will help guide your project that will result in your levy/bond initiative. The earlier we can work with you the better your chances (and less costly). 

If you have a bond or levy initiative under way that needs some TLC--call us NOW! We can still help you out. 

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